Creating Our Home

What a difference a space can make to your motivation. I’ve been really struggling to do anything productive, whether that’s crafting, writing or business planning. I’ve been leaving everything in favour of doing the washing up!

Ranj and I are lucky enough to have a whole room in our flat dedicated to being creative and working. Until recently it’s been such a mess and I’ve resisted doing anything in there. We decided that getting a nice, big desk to spread out on would be a good place to start. We knew the style that we wanted and hunted through the local shops. Unfortunately, upcycling and shabby-chic has become really fashionable and lots of the pieces that caught our attention, although beautiful, blew our budget to smithereens. This is when Ranj hit upon the brainwave of making it himself.

My beauitful desk made from reclaimed scaffolding boards

My beauitful desk made from reclaimed scaffolding boards

We reused the brackets that came with the scaffolding for decoration.

We reused the brackets that came with the scaffolding for decoration.

We found a fantastic local organisation called The Hastings and Bexhill Wood Recycling Project (it does what it says on the tin). They are donated unwanted bits of wood. They can sell you the wood directly or make you a bespoke piece of furniture; many of their products can also be found in local stores. They were incredibly helpful and knowledgeable; I would thoroughly recommend a visit if you are in the area.

Hastings and Bexhill Wood Recycling Project

Hastings and Bexhill Wood Recycling Project


We bought two ex-scaffolding boards and were generously given some metal brackets for free. The wood was cut to size for us… all that was left for us to do was to take it home, clean it up and put it together.

I’m happy to report that I am loving sitting here and writing this. I’m actually looking for reasons to work here. Knowing that we made it feels pretty special… plus it’s HUGE and I can spread out as much as I want!

Starting Again: Crafting in Vain For Etsy

I’ve never had any desire to stay at home and be a homemaker… I’ve wanted to cut my own path and escape the 9-5, romanticising the idea of getting up to sun spilling onto my sheets, feeling the breeze from an open window on my face as I make fragrant coffee and browse through the inbox full of emails with offers of projects, opportunities and people wanting to purchase my jewellery (that I leisurely sit and make in an afternoon). This is how I thought it might be starting again down south. Turns out it takes a bit of time and graft before that happens. In reality I am struggling to motivate myself to get dressed and as for my inbox? – Empty!

Etsy has been the order of the week. I’ve narcissistically taken photograph after photograph of myself wearing my very best jewellery, set up a little make-shift studio in my livingroom and snapped away. I’ve uploaded, tagged, promoted and waited… and waited… and waited. Nothing. I seem to be getting sucked into the vast void that is etsy.


Etsy is a flooded marketplace and it is very hard to stand out from the crowd. I love surfing the site and looking at the amazing work people do – I find it so inspiring. But how to compete? How to get traffic to my little shop? Any advice on this topic would be very welcome.

On the plus side I’ve had some marvellous days this week strolling by beach and daydreaming of different ways to make my work stand out, just a little bit, from the crowd.

IMG_2773 IMG_2796 IMG_2808

Let’s Start Again

Muddy boots

I’ve moved all the way down south and am living right next to the sea in the quirky town of Hastings. My life seems to have been turned upside down and all topsy turvy… I’ve chosen to look at this recent turn of events like someone has waved a magic wand over my life and said, “do what really makes you happy – have whatever you want. Start again.”

Apart from the odd bout of extreme homesickness and missing my friends and family terribly, I am incredibly lucky. I live with a man I love completely (sick buckets at the ready I know), in a cosy flat and there isn’t a huge amount of pressure for me to start earning a wage right away. I have the luxury of being able to have a go at building a life and having a lifestyle that I truly desire… so how do you go about deciding what that is? When you have so much choice how do you settle and stick at one thing?

I’ve decided that embracing life with a whole heart is the way forward. Focus on being happy in the present moment and the rest can’t be too far behind.

Here begins my rebuilding, redesigning, a brand new chapter.

Where The Wind Blows

20130616-100236.jpgI’ve been a bit absent on here recently but as the wind is changing direction in my life I thought that it might be a good time to get back to blogging.

The main news is that in exactly two months time I will have left my job as a Support Officer, finished my Level 3 Diploma in Counselling Skills and will no longer be a Northern Lass; I am moving down south to live with Ranj: First stop Hastings followed by a move to Brighton (hopefully).

This raises questions about what I really want to do with my life (work wise) that I’m not sure I’m ready to answer… I’ll see where the wind blows and hope I will find my way. I’m sure I will.

I have booked my first ever craft fair to mark the occasion and to try and take the edge off my homesickness when I move. I am ridiculously excited about this. It’s going to be at the Rye Arts and Craft Fair on the 28th September; hence the beading above. I’ve got lots of ideas for theme, products and layout, so as soon as my coursework is handed in and I leave my job it will be full steam ahead.

I have so many projects rattling around my head and a huge fear that I won’t do any of them. Luckily I have an incredibly supportive partner to keep me focused. Time will tell.