The Day My Roof Blew Away

  I woke up at 1am this morning thinking that we were under attack… in actual fact it was the roof being ripped clean off the block of flats that I live in! We had a meeting at 1:30am – in a storm and decided that there was nothing we could do, so we all went back to bed.

It meant that I couldn’t get to work today. My car got stuck in the car park (luckily unscathed) and the builders needed to be in and out. It was fun at first, then I was board, then I worried about work and wished I was there.


My dearest Katie Lockett rang me all the way from Australia and I was happy that I was in to talk to her. She received my Christmas parcel and liked my story. We chatted about weddings, projects and giggled about my roof being removed. She made me smile.


I thought about the past and people I miss and times that have gone and crocheted some pendants to keep my fingers busy.

  I’ve stiffened them and they are sitting next to

me whilst I write this… I can’t decide if I like them yet.


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