Why Bother?

Maybe by discovering creativity you will begin to realize that you will never become Kanye West, or Katy Perry, Stephen King, or any other household name. Perhaps it will just be you, quietly, silently constructing an experience for only one other person. Perhaps no one will ever know what you’ve made, ever. You have to face this and be comfortable with it.”  Julien Smith’

Today I’ve been reading a free e-book that I downloaded from this blog. It got me thinking and asking more questions to my questions, but the above quote stuck.

 Some other writers in the e-book said that everything is creative if you choose to see it that way; cooking, gardening, work, a puzzle to solve… I agree. But Why Bother?

Where did my need to start a blog come from? To pick my pen back up? To get back on a stage? To ask what next after Post-Performance Me? Especially when I’m not convinced that anyone is watching or reading, or that I want them to either. I’m happy quietly, inconspicuously being me.

I think the need is that I can’t stop whispering, “I’m here.” It’s the quietest, almost desperate little voice, that wants to move in the smallest corners, to touch individuals not great masses (like it used to). It wants to say “this is what I saw, this is where I was.” Whether that is a trace left in a public space, a few words on a blog, acting on a stage or dancing in the street to a beautiful song.

It goes someway to explaining my obsession with stories, as well as conversation and intervention art. I think I also want to whisper back, “who are you and what did you see, where did you go?”

Human nature I suppose.


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