The Right Choice…

This weekend I went to my best friend’s engagement party… It was wonderful and a brilliantly happy occasion. When my friend and her now-fiance were first dating I was living with her. Their relationship was bumpy at first to say the least, and I would constantly be at him saying, ‘for god’s sake… just MAKE THE RIGHT CHOICE’. Well, over Christmas he did make the right choice and proposed. I made him a photo album to celebrate this fact.

Stitching the cover did get me thinking about whether I am making the right choices or not… I think I’ve made some good ones recently. I’ve changed my working life and am much less stressed. I factor in more (but not always enough) time for me. I have started to make things and be more confident. But is this enough? I’ve not written anything since November and often choose to get sucked into the T.V rather than putting something out there.

If I choose to make time… will more time appear? Will I feel more creative and motivated? I have a blury little vision in my head that I don’t seem able to achieve and each day I ignore it the more it blurs and the more I forget. Maybe I’ll fade into a little work bot if I’m not careful.

Any suggestions out there?


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