A Day of Rest and Lamenting Aalst

Today I am resting and reading; tatting and writing. The window is open in my little flat, with sun on the windowsill and a breeze on my face. Tea is on the table… it is a day for drinking tea.

It is quiet. I’ve refused the radio, my music, rubbish T.V and have opted for the ticking of my living room clock. Today I feel peaceful.


We found out yesterday that we can’t get the rights to ‘Aalst’… which means we are looking at cancelling the production. No explanation was given by the copy right company, just, “We are not currently giving out the rights to this play.”

It seems sad that in a city as small as Hull, in a room above a pub, with an audience of 20 – we can’t legally put on a work of art. In a place where culture is sparse at the best of times, we are being prohibited. I know that i will write more about this soon… right now I’m tired, so will get back to tatting.


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