If There’s No Dancing at The Revolution… I’m Not Coming

We have decided to cancel our production of Aalst. We had a long discussion last night about not being able to legally do the play; we reluctantly decided to abandon ship.

After spending quite a bit of time yesterday considering ‘Steel Like An Artist’, I felt that there may be a glimmer of hope. I’m all for letting this shape the company. Perhaps our annoyance at being censored, of jumping through hoops may not be a bad thing. If we can use our company as a platform for totally new and emerging writers, perhaps it is better than putting on exsisting work.

Maybe steeling, evolving, recreating is more creative anyway. Perhaps this is a learning curve that was necessary. We have a few writers in the group – could we start utilising the talent that we have?

My main concern is that the group is splintering without Pete, the director. We are all brilliant in our own way, but all incredibly different. Some people do comedy, some devised, others murder mystery nights… can we find a common ground?

We are meeting as a company tonight and will be making decision.


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