Epic Fail

My new plan started well… Yesterday I went dancing: I love lindy hopping. Flying around the dance floor and forgetting everything. Working hard on styling and tripping up over musicality; it should be the other way around.

Today I was really excited to get home. I’ve been working hard on some paper cuttings for my resin. I took hours painstakingly cutting them and sealing them with what I hoped was just the right glue… and I’ve ruined them ALL.

After spending forever getting the bubbles out before putting the paper in, a whole new load appear from no where once the images have gone in that I just can’t get out. Like an actual million. I have no idea why that happened.

My ‘Madhatter’ was bubble free and I was happy thinking that I had at least one saveable pendant… but no, it can’t have been sealed properly because it is patchy. *sigh*

I really like the look of them, so am going to finish them off tomorrow anyway with some white resin to back them. Maybe I can work out shapes and colours that I like.

But here’s what I’ve learnt: 1) I’m going to use a second, smoother glue after the thick one. I hope the smoothness will eliminate air bubbles under the paper. 2) Coat, coat and re-coat the paper with glue. Patchyness is the most annoying thing EVER. 3) I like the designs. 4) I’m going to stop the paper cutting and practice on random shapes until I get it right… it’s too gutting to screw up an image I’ve spend forever cutting out.

Tomorrow is theatre rehearsal…


4 thoughts on “Epic Fail

  1. I lovveeee dancing! And that’s a really cool project you’re working on!

    • Thank you so much :o) I’m determined to make it work. And yes – dancing is amazing. I love it too.

      • I’d love to try a project like that. Where did you come up with the idea?

      • I’ve been playing around with resin for a couple of years on and off, but have never found a style that suited me; once I started playing with paper cutting too it just seemed to click.

        I would definitely recommend having a go at resin casting – there are so many creative possibilities with it. Let me know if you do have a go 🙂

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