Seedlings and Resin; With A Little Lindy Hop For Good Measure

Wednesday: Theatre Rehearsal went really well… I actually feel like we’re getting somewhere with it all. We are in the middle of improvising, which is one of my lesser honed skills and as a result I was incredibly nervous, but my nerves only served to matched my joy at facing my fear and doing it anyway.

We spilt into two groups and just went for it. Apart from knowing what the scene should loosely be about, each group had complete autonomy over the content of it. The stuff that came out of our heads was worrying at best… but I left feeling such a sense of satisfaction. We created our scenes, showed them to the other group and got feedback. Both were fantastic starting blocks.

I felt so safe working and it was really nice. It is rare to find a group of people that you can create safely and openly with; no judgement or ego.. simply Theatre.

Thursday: Counselling Course Night Class straight after work. The theme of the night seemed to be, “And there is another extremely honest opinion from Laura”… but I didn’t care. I must have been on a confident high from Wednesday.

I got home knackard and didn’t feel much like creating anything… so I fussed over my seedlings and remembered that sometimes your creations need very little help from you at all.

Friday: Lindy Fridays! Ranj came to visit and I was on top of the world. I drove a group of us to Leeds to go Lindy Hopping where Ranj used to teach and had the most fun ever. Dancing with people I don’t see very often, gossiping and discovering the best take away EVER after class. Home at 1:30am and crawled into bed… a happy, sweaty bunny.

Saturday: Quickly finished off my resin

Some are patchy and others are bubbly.. but on the whole I’m happy with them. I am going to have a play at perfecting my techniques with images that aren’t so time-consuming.. then back on it. I reckon that a couple of them are good to sell 🙂 Whoop.

Sunday: Cooking and sleeping. New recipe – keeper

Today?… blogging and writing.


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