Last week was totally characterised by the amazingness of Hullzapoppin’. Hullzapoppin’ is a Lindy Hop, weekend dance camp put on by Kingston Swing where I danced my self into delirium: Two full days of lessons and three evenings full to the brim of social dancing; amazing international teachers, a brand new solo jazz stream, tea parties, live bands and lots of glamming up!

As I walked down the street on Monday, after the weekend was all but over, I couldn’t help but have a spring in my step (or more like a rock-step, tripple-step). Not only was the dancing an amazing place to lose myself, but I was so proud of the Lindy community. I find them the most accepting, welcoming people I know.

I couldn’t help but notice over the weekend that no-one asks what you do as a day job. No one is bothered by where you live or who with, or where you’ve been and the qualifications you have. The only thing on everyone’s mind is, ‘can you dance, do you want to?’ It is about being part of something and talking takes a back seat. I connect with people without having to say a word. I danced with some amazing partners and didn’t even know their names.

In terms of the rest of my ‘Creative Everyday’… it has been a writing week. I had a lovely conversation with my very best friend Sally in Greece, and she inspired me to just stick at it and write anything, as long as I was writing. So I did. It made me happy.

I’ve also ordered the few bits I need to finish my necklaces, which is a step closer to setting up my etsy shop *eek*

All in all… a dam good week.


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