Sunshine Makes Me Happy

This is Tanya Davis. I went and saw her perform in Brighton on Saturday. She was brilliant. For all of the spoken word I have watched on the internet, this was my first experience of a live performance.

In a little village hall, complete with lamps to light the stage, candles in jam jars, an out of tune piano and bring your own booze, two musicians preceded Tanya’s performance. The atmosphere was charming and friendly.

I really liked Tanya’s work. Her delivery was humble and the anecdotes drew me in before a word of a poem was uttered. Loved it.

I think a combination of feeling inspired by the performance and the sunshine, that is out in force right now, has left me feeling optimistic. I have finally sent off a short story that I wrote forever ago! I’ve been sitting on it with every intention of sending it off… but never quite finding the guts to do it. Well I did!

I have also picked up my crochet hook again and have had another go at the ring I’ve been trying to make. Some of my seedlings have survived being re-potted.

Sometimes sticking with it works.


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