Jubilee and All That Jazz

I’ve had an amazing week off. The low-light was going down to London to try and see the Queen for the Jubilee… This is all I actually saw:

 A giant poster and lots of crowds; it was cold

 The High-lights for the rest of the week were exploring Dover, Cantebury, Sandwich (yes an actual place) and Tunbridge Wells; as well as having an amazing night dancing in Brighton to this band:

Swing Ninjas

I love that Lindy hopping automatically gives you a great conversation starter; Ranj and I met lots of great people and danced ourselves silly.

I also taught my first Lindy class without Ranj last night!! I was so nervous I thought I was going to be sick – Ranj is my favourite crutch. However, I had a brilliant teaching partner and it went swimmingly.

I tend to stumble over counts and breaking moves down, but Phil (my partner) was a natural. We had a lot of banter and picked up on things that the other one had missed. Phil did most of the work, but it was a reasuring introduction into community teaching.

The first class was a bit on the too-long side, but to hear everyone laughing and cheering at the end, when they were doing our routine, was such a good feeling. The second class was mentoring where Phil and I did technique and lead and follow for the beginners; I felt much more at home doing this class.

I understand more about frame, posture and technique that I do about moves. Maybe that is a follow thing? I don’t think about footwork, or how to break something down ever. I’m more interested in applying principals and being led, usually without thinking too much. I’ve started to lead in the beginner’s lessons hoping that it will help me have more knowledge of what the moves are. Even though I can follow most of them I couldn’t tell you what a move was called!




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