A Birthday Card… People Who Matter


I’ve spent tonight cutting out this for my friend’s 30th birthday. I got the pattern here.

After trying to over come the hurt, created by someone who I thought shared a lifetime of experiences with me, I poured a lot of love into this paper cutting and thought about how lucky I am to have true friends around me.

Cidy, who writes the Scherenshnitte blog that I got the patten from, wrote this in the description for the design;

           ” the beauties of life being the fragile bubbles and the popped one the disappointments. But just because there are disappointments doesn’t mean you should stop blowing bubbles.”

I liked this sentiment. Just because one friend has hurt me and didn’t value my friendship, doesn’t mean that I should stop loving or reaching out… Keep blowing bubbles!

I had planned on doing this cutting on red paper and only practice on the white; but whilst making it I felt that red was too angry and the white reflected my intentions much more aptly.

Onwards and upwards. Letting go.


2 thoughts on “A Birthday Card… People Who Matter

  1. @beradadisini

    How lovely! Love the philosophy behind it as well *blowing bubbles* 🙂

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