The Season of Possibilities

Yesterday I finished work for the summer. I have the ultimate Friday Feeling!

It’s that feeling I used to have when I was at secondary school; that feeling that something was about to start, that things could change, that I could have adventure (can you tell I was a daydreamer at school yet?).

Next week I start a week of freelance drama work – I’m really nervous about Β it but am trying to get excited. I think so many bad experiences have put me off teaching… but I know deep down that I’m good at it. I desperately want this one to be fun, to work out. I’ve got a few ideas for plays… I just need to start padding out my lessons. That’s the task for this week.

I reallly want to work on my writing. I want to get my etsy shop up and running. I want to make lots of jewellery and garden and get fit. I’m spending four weeks with Ranj, which will be amazing and filled with dancing!

Can’t bloody wait!


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