Back to Work Vs Being Creative

So my summer is over and it’s back to work and reality tomorrow. I have that great feeling that you get when you’ve had a really long break: I feel like I could do anything. I can keep fit and write everyday and dance and make my etsy shop work and craft until I can craft no more… in reality I’m aware that this feeling wears off and the routine of a 9-5 can tire me out and make me lazy.

I’ve been speaking to my very creative friend, who has emigrated to Australia, today. She makes me feel so inspired. She has this amazing energy and is so proactive herself that it’s infectious.

I need to find ways to keep that feeling up. I’ve been learning that completing things keeps me motivated, as well as surrounding myself with proactive, creative people that I admire. Whether this is in life, on skype, or reading people’s blogs. Being creative is the most amazing thing in the world and has a huge power… it’s just not always that easy when life gets in the way.

Right now!?! I think I need to get back to my flat and make sure that it is all clean and sorted. I need it to be a nice space that I can come back to when the working day is over and get on with all of the creative things I love. Joy!


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