An Update I Guess…

So I’ve been back at work for a few weeks now. Last time I wrote I was worried that the return to the 9-5 would bleed me dry; I thought that it was about time I updated my blog about how I was getting on.

Firstly, I think all things considered it’s going fairly well. I’ve set up a facebook page for my new etsy shop, which I got 4 sales from *whoop*; I’ve made some new jewelry:


I’ve taught a lindy hop class, and I’ve started my Level 3 Diploma in Counselling. A pretty impressive list I think.

I’m finding work a bit of a drain and when I get home I don’t really feel like doing much; but so far I’m managing to push myself. I think getting 4 sales quickly was a huge motivator to keep producing, but that has tailed off now and I need to find new ways of getting sales.

Exercise seems to be helping me as well… and boy do I hate exercise – so this is no small comment believe me! I’m finding that it clears my head of the day, eliminates the white noise and allows me to be at home and feel more creative. Who’d have thought it!?

I do wish I had more time, but I’ve decided to stop beating up on myself and be positive about the things I am doing.


One thought on “An Update I Guess…

  1. Go for it! It looks to me like you’re getting a whole lot done. 😉

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