National Apple Day

So, ups and downs… but that’s life.

That pesky 9-to-5 finally got the better of me and I was sucked into a vortex of tiredness. That awful kind where tidying up, showering and general functioning, above and beyond going to work, seems like a mountain that can never be climbed.

This weekend I made it all about me and did lot’s of wholesome, good-for-the-soul type activities and I feel like I’ve begun to re-energise.

I visited my parents and made a lovely home-grown, home-made, green tomato chutney:

I then spent a fabulous afternoon with my very dear friend celebrating National Apple Day. Amy cooked a fantastic apple based meal; pork belly, crab apple sauce, root vegetables, cider, warm apple juice and apple surprise cake!! It was a feast indeed, with warm hearted people whom I love.

This weekend has been a marvellous celebration of all things autumnal.


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