This blog is me learning to be creative again, trying to put myself back out there. Fearlessly. I’m going to tackle those pitfalls, face that devil on my shoulder, try my hand at new things and see where this journey takes me.


Once upon a not-so-long-ago I returned from London with a broken head and my tail between my heart valves. I ‘quit art’ after following my dreams up a yellow brick road. I packed up one day and said I would never return and never again be as vulnerable as I had just made myself. I shut down my blogs, withdrew all applications, changed my name back to who I should have always been and ended up in a box room in Hull.

For a couple of years I kept my fingers and head busy with teaching myself beading and crochet, cooking and gardening and being thankful for the solitude that performance never allowed.

With the never-ending faith of two very special friends, a group of accepting Lindy Hoppers and the love of one amazing man, I am tiptoeing out of hiding to find that I left a part of myself behind that I should really try and recover.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Liking your blog and very interested in the Status Theatre Company. I am wanting to offer my help, if I can, in terms of costume advice, stylistics, set etc. Please let me know if you would entertain my offer of help/assistance with any future projects that Status may be doing.

    I run a street theatre company from Hull, and am also a costume designer/maker and community Artist. See http://www.lizdees.co.uk or http://www.apusproductions.co.uk for more info. We (Apus Productions) are looking to collaborate with others on future more experimental live art and theatre projects.

    Please drop me a line. Cheers, Liz.

  2. Hi Liz,

    So glad you liked my blog. It would be great to take up your offer, obviously I will need to speak to everyone else as well. Your work looks really interesting (I will be looking out for you in Hull).

    I’ll drop you an email over the weekend :o) Laura

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