Let’s Start Again

Muddy boots

I’ve moved all the way down south and am living right next to the sea in the quirky town of Hastings. My life seems to have been turned upside down and all topsy turvy… I’ve chosen to look at this recent turn of events like someone has waved a magic wand over my life and said, “do what really makes you happy – have whatever you want. Start again.”

Apart from the odd bout of extreme homesickness and missing my friends and family terribly, I am incredibly lucky. I live with a man I love completely (sick buckets at the ready I know), in a cosy flat and there isn’t a huge amount of pressure for me to start earning a wage right away. I have the luxury of being able to have a go at building a life and having a lifestyle that I truly desire… so how do you go about deciding what that is? When you have so much choice how do you settle and stick at one thing?

I’ve decided that embracing life with a whole heart is the way forward. Focus on being happy in the present moment and the rest can’t be too far behind.

Here begins my rebuilding, redesigning, a brand new chapter.

What I’ve Learnt About Being Creative

The period in-between Christmas and New Year is always an incredibly reflective one for me. I’ve found myself contemplating what I’ve achieved, learnt and loved; but also where I’d like to go. A few years ago I found myself blocked, frozen stock-still and started a journey just to get moving again.

Here are three things that I’ve learnt this year:

1)  Set Goals: It’s an oldie but a goodie. You hear it everywhere, all the time (especially working in education) – but I’ve never before practiced what I’ve preached. This year, for the first time, I gave myself a new year’s resolution; I would get my jewelry online, nothing more, nothing less – just get it up. I’m the kind of person, like many creative people, who flit. I’m a crafty, creative magpie. I want to try to do everything and as a result master none of them.
Setting a goal this year kept me focused. Many times I’ve wanted to stray and start a glitteringly attractive new project, but remembering the goal I’d set and more importantly why I’d set it in the first place, forced me to stick with it. I’ve not had over amounts of success with my etsy shop but I have sold some things and in my eyes the success is that I did what I set out to do – I put my jewelry out there.

2)  Start Before You Think You’re Ready: If you’re a bit of a perfectionist like me this one is really important. I don’t want to do anything or put anything out there before I think it is flawless. I’m scared of criticism and I’m scared of failing at stuff. This one has taught me to just go for it and learn as you go. It’s alright if things aren’t quite ready yet – I’d never be ready. I’ve learnt more about photographing jewelry and writing a blog by doing it than I have thinking about it or planning it.

3)  Read and Follow A Lot Of Blogs: This is the reason I’ve started my Online Love series. I find seeing other people doing what I aspire to do spurs me on. It gives me inspiration, ideas, focus and drive. I also find the blogging community to be as supportive as everyone says they are. People are willing to encourage, comment and share.

I’ll get working on next year’s goals to help me move another creative step forward…. suggestions welcome.

Online Love: Katie

I’ve fallen in love… ok, love may be a bit too strong, but admiringly head-over heels? I was merrily flicking through this month’s copy of Mollie Makes, when I came across Skunkboy:

I am now newly addicted to her blog and desperately want to own one of her cute cute cute handmade animals.

… perhaps this is something for my christmas list.

 Kate, aka Skunkboy, writes about general life and blogs everyday, it is something that I’ve found myself addicted to. It’s pure escapism and really inspiring…

Kate has also introduced me to the world of A Beautiful Mess where I have found projects, how-tos, beauty and more; but perhaps that’s a whole different blog.

National Apple Day

So, ups and downs… but that’s life.

That pesky 9-to-5 finally got the better of me and I was sucked into a vortex of tiredness. That awful kind where tidying up, showering and general functioning, above and beyond going to work, seems like a mountain that can never be climbed.

This weekend I made it all about me and did lot’s of wholesome, good-for-the-soul type activities and I feel like I’ve begun to re-energise.

I visited my parents and made a lovely home-grown, home-made, green tomato chutney:

I then spent a fabulous afternoon with my very dear friend celebrating National Apple Day. Amy cooked a fantastic apple based meal; pork belly, crab apple sauce, root vegetables, cider, warm apple juice and apple surprise cake!! It was a feast indeed, with warm hearted people whom I love.

This weekend has been a marvellous celebration of all things autumnal.


Here’s to hoping that we will always dance and laugh and seek out new plays to watch. To eating new food and sleeping in unfamiliar beds; together.

I hope that we will always have new adventures and surprises and things to talk about whilst eating in a greasy spoon… but that there isn’t always a train journey away from you at the end of it.

Here’s to hoping that the first thing we will always look for in a hotel room is the size of the bath and that you will always be able to make it better when I’m awake in the middle of the night. 

Thank you xx