Starting Again: Crafting in Vain For Etsy

I’ve never had any desire to stay at home and be a homemaker… I’ve wanted to cut my own path and escape the 9-5, romanticising the idea of getting up to sun spilling onto my sheets, feeling the breeze from an open window on my face as I make fragrant coffee and browse through the inbox full of emails with offers of projects, opportunities and people wanting to purchase my jewellery (that I leisurely sit and make in an afternoon). This is how I thought it might be starting again down south. Turns out it takes a bit of time and graft before that happens. In reality I am struggling to motivate myself to get dressed and as for my inbox? – Empty!

Etsy has been the order of the week. I’ve narcissistically taken photograph after photograph of myself wearing my very best jewellery, set up a little make-shift studio in my livingroom and snapped away. I’ve uploaded, tagged, promoted and waited… and waited… and waited. Nothing. I seem to be getting sucked into the vast void that is etsy.


Etsy is a flooded marketplace and it is very hard to stand out from the crowd. I love surfing the site and looking at the amazing work people do – I find it so inspiring. But how to compete? How to get traffic to my little shop? Any advice on this topic would be very welcome.

On the plus side I’ve had some marvellous days this week strolling by beach and daydreaming of different ways to make my work stand out, just a little bit, from the crowd.

IMG_2773 IMG_2796 IMG_2808

Hauled Up Under Covers

This weekend I’ve been experimenting with photographing my jewelry. I’ve been trying to add more character and focus on saying more about the influencing factors behind my style… I managed to single handedly trash my flat, by getting out every prop, teapot, cup and saucer and feather display that I own.

It was worth it!

See it here in my little Etsy shop ***

Etsy Shop

Today I finally got my got my etsy shop up and running: Click here to see it!!

It’s certainly not perfect and there’s a lot of tweaking to do, but I figure if I don’t get it up and running it won’t get done at all. Someone once told me that if a job is worth doing it’s worth doing badly; the moral being that perfectionism kills a lot of good ideas. It feels good to have made a start.


Whilst in sunny, sunny Sardinia I took the opportunity to work on my tatting skills. Upon return, I was most pleased with myself  to find that I had learned enough to follow a pattern and create this…

Amazing time off. Totally cut off everything and had proper time away – just getting back into it.

Had an old friend to visit in Hastings and had a fantastic time touristing around. Managed to finish a necklace in time to give her a very belated birthday present (posted above).

Dancing in Brighton and a lot of lovely food all round. Ranj is back at work and it’s time for me to get cracking on some projects I feel.

A Day of Rest and Lamenting Aalst

Today I am resting and reading; tatting and writing. The window is open in my little flat, with sun on the windowsill and a breeze on my face. Tea is on the table… it is a day for drinking tea.

It is quiet. I’ve refused the radio, my music, rubbish T.V and have opted for the ticking of my living room clock. Today I feel peaceful.


We found out yesterday that we can’t get the rights to ‘Aalst’… which means we are looking at cancelling the production. No explanation was given by the copy right company, just, “We are not currently giving out the rights to this play.”

It seems sad that in a city as small as Hull, in a room above a pub, with an audience of 20 – we can’t legally put on a work of art. In a place where culture is sparse at the best of times, we are being prohibited. I know that i will write more about this soon… right now I’m tired, so will get back to tatting.